Party Fish showroom and warehouse is located at 15 East Main Street, Ardmore, OK. This is one block east of Washington Street at the corner of Main and Mill streets. (Formerly Stolfa’s Hardware).

YES, we do!  Our inventory is growning and changing all the time, so some of our newest items might not be up on the website right away.  AND, we can source  lots of larger items, or specialty items upon request. Plus,  if you stop by the showroom, we have small convenience or decorative items that might not make it onto the website but they are available.

Bottom line, if you don’t see what you are looking for, ask us.  We just might have it!

A Party Fish Rentals delivery person will gladly set up & tear down rental equipment for an additional charge.  These services must be scheduled ahead of time to allow adequate delivery time in our schedule.  The setup fees for some popular items are as follows:

Tables – $1.00 each, chairs – $0.50 each, and linen placement – $0.75/table, concession equipment – $5.00 each, hay bales $2.00 each, furniture – $1.00 each, trash cans – $.50 each, wall panels – $1.00 each, backdrop – $2.00.


The same charge will apply if the delivery person is required to take down any equipment upon pick up.


All other items require a specific quote for set up, tear down, or providing an operator and should be discussed when making your booking. A Party Fish representative will demonstrate equipment as required, and instructions are also provided.

Our delivery trucks will go within a 40-mile radius of our downtown Ardmore location. We charge $30 to deliver within three miles of the warehouse and $50 beyond the first mile. If a longer distance is required, we can discuss this options at the time of booking. The same charges apply for pick up.

Standard delivery is within 50 feet of our delivery truck, preferably in an interior secured location.  A $75 charge will be added to all orders requiring our delivery personnel to carry items over distances greater than 50 feet, upstairs, and/or on elevators, or other situations where we can’t maneuver carts and dollies and items must be hand carried. Please mention special venue circumstances when making your booking.

Party Fish Rentals can be to picked up after 2:00p.m. the day before your event, and returned by noon the next business day following your event.

You can speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable event consultants.  We are delighted to go over the details of your event with you. If onsite consultation is requested a charge of $150.00 will be assessed to evaluate, measure, and create a proposal for your site.  We also have many vendor referrals for your special event.

Yes. We have event planners that can be contracted to plan your event.  Call us to make an appointment to discuss your Ideas.

For ROUND tables:

24″ = 2                30″ = 3               36″ = 4

42″ or 48″ = 5         60″ = 8 (10 children)

72″ = 10

For OBLONG tables: (about one person per foot)

4′ = 4            6’= 6          8′ = 8


Answer these two questions, “What size is my table?” “Do I want it to hang all the way to the floor?

Table size         Floor Length        Lap Length

30″                     90″                         54″ x 54″

48″                     108″                       90″ or 72″ x 72″

60″                     120″                       90″ or 84″ x 84″

72″                     132″                      108″ or 90″ x 90″

6′ x 30″              90″ x 132″               60″ x 90″

8′ x 30″              90″ x 156″               60″ x 120”

Not necessarily.  If you choose floor length tablecloths then definitely not.  Table skirts are great when you want to leave one side of the table open, like for a DJ, a buffet, or registration tables. One decorating advantage to using table skirts is that you can use simple table clothes and add some flare with ruffled, sequinned, textured, patterned, or contrasting colored skirts.

To determine space requirements, you need to know:

How many people will be attending? And, What activities are planned – seated dinner, cocktails,t games, dancing, ceremony etc.

Let’s do the math…don’t be scared! Generally, to determine the number of people that can fit in a space:

For seated dinner – divide the total square footage by 8 for oblong tables and 10 for round tables. This will give you the maximum occupancy.  (Dividing by 10 and 12 respectively is a more comfortable). To look at it another way, you need about 10 – 12 sqft per table set up.

For classroom style seating (chairs on only one side of the table and no food service (besides snacks) – divide the total square footage  by 8.

For spectator/theater style seating only – divide the total square footage  by 6.

These general guidelines don’t take into consideration things like structural columns, uneven floors, kitchen access points, and other traffic flow situations.  Neither does it consider other activities that may be taking place.

Here are some guidelines for other activities:

Bar = 100 sqft.               Food Station = 100 sqft

Buffet = 400 sqft           DJ = 100 sqft

Wedding Ceremony = 6′ per person

Dance Floor = 4′ per person

Cocktail Reception = 8′ per person

No, sorry.  We do not rent tents, stages, or bounce houses at this time.  However, we will gladly direct you to some folks that do rent those items.