1. A rental day extends from 2:00 p.m. the day before your event, to noon the day following your event.  If you fail to return your rental items by noon, you will be charged an additional rental day.

2. Set up / tear down and delivery are not included in the rental price.  You can pick up rented equipment at our warehouse location (15 E. Main at the rear door on Mill Street).  However, if it is arranged in advance and in writing, we can provide delivery, set up, and tear down.

Delivery/pick-up fees are as follows: $30 up to 5 miles, each way. $50 over five miles and up to 40 miles, each way.  Longer distances can be discussed at the time of booking.

Set up/Tear down fees for some of our most typical rentals are as follows:  Tables – $1.00 each, chairs – $0.50 each, and linen placement – $0.75/table, concession equipment – $5.00 each, hay bales $2.00 each, furniture – $1.00 each, trash cans – $.50 each, wall panels – $1.00 each, backdrop – $2.00. These fees apply to both setup and tear down.

3. Delivery shall be at our convenience for a pre-determined schedule and fee. Party Fish will make every effort to accommodate your requested delivery time; however, delivery times are approximate and may vary depending on the scheduled delivery slot before you. You grant our employees the right to enter your premises (be you the owner or the leasee) for the sole purpose of delivery, installation (if pre-arranged), pick up, tear down (if pre-arranged), operation (if pre-arranged) of rental goods. Normal delivery and pick up hours are 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. After hours pick up can be arranged for an additional fee of $150.

All deliveries require pre-arrangement in writing and will require a signature by the responsible party at the time of the delivery.  Delivery will not be attempted without payment in full 10 business days prior to the event.

Standard delivery is within 50 feet of our truck to a dock, door or readily accessible location – preferable to an interior secured location.  If our delivery persons are required to deliver to a location that is more than 50 feet from the truck, upstairs, or via an elevator, or other situations where we can’t maneuver carts and dollies and items must be hand carried, an additional fee of $75 will be charged for delivery and for pick up.  Please mention special venue circumstances when making your booking.

Pick up charges will also be assessed at the same rates as deliveries; likewise, pre-arranged tear down service will be assessed at the same rates as set up as described in point #2.

Most rental equipment is not weatherproof.  Please make arrangement to protect equipment left outdoors.  Fees will be assessed for damages to items left unprotected.

4. Expectations of care for rental equipment are as follows:

    • Rinse off all food particles and re-pack dishes and buffet ware in the containers they were delivered.  Linens should be returned dry and free from food particles to prevent them from mildewing and excessive staining.
    • A reasonable cleaning fee will be assessed for items returned exceptionally dirty.
    • The current replacement cost will be charged for items that are not returned or returned broken.
    • Concession equipment that is returned broken will be charged to the client if it appears to be broken from misuse.
    • Renter will follow manufacturers safety instructions.
    • All rental equipment will be stacked or packaged as it was delivered when our drivers arrive to pick up.  If the rental equipment must be re-stacked or packaged by or delivery persons without a prior arrangement, a $150 fee will be assessed. Set up/tear down service by Party Fish personnel can be pre-arranged for an additional fee (see current fee schedule).

5. Cancellations.

Make your rental selections carefully.  NO refunds will be given within 14 days of your scheduled event.   Cancellations must be made in writing – in person, or to the email address on the website, www.thepartyfish.com.

You can cancel up to 30 days prior to your event without incurring a penalty. Cancellations that occur between 29 – 15 days prior to your event will be eligible to receive a 50% refund of your deposit. Cancellations that occur 14 days or less from your event date will forfeit the full deposit.

Refunds will be processed in approximately 30 days from the date of the cancellation.

6. Payments.

A 20% down payment must be paid to reserve rental items.  Payment in full is required no later than 10 business days before your scheduled event. Payment in full will be required before delivery will be attempted.

Party Fish will accept payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Debit card, cash, cashier’s check, or company check.

7. Damages

A valid credit card must be on file to cover damages due to misuse or abuse of rental equipment or shortages and lost items. Your credit card will be charged the current replacement cost of such equipment, or in some instances the repair cost. Damaged items remain the property of Party Fish.

8. Services other than rentals will be contracted separately and subject to their own terms and conditions.

9. Party Fish reserves the right to cancel, without penalty or punitive relief, a rental engagement due to natural or man-made disasters and circumstances that cannot be foreseen. In that instance, any deposits or other payments will be refunded in full.

10. Party Fish reserves the right to refuse rentals or service to anyone.

11. Rental equipment will be delivered in good working condition.  Customers are expected to use good judgment and follow manufacturer instructions when placing, lifting, and otherwise using rental props, decoration, and equipment. The customer uses and operates rental items at their own risk. Party Fish is not responsible for injuries or accidents.

  • I have been given ample opportunity to inspect all rental equipment, decorations, and props and found no obvious damage resulting from misuse or improper operation. I agree that the good condition of all rental items, equipment, decorations and props are in good operating order, and when used properly will not cause injury, damage, or personal loss to me or my guests.
  • I have been given instructions, cautions, and demonstrations as requested regarding rental items, equipment, decorations, and props. I understand that negligence or improper use on my part or the part of my guests regarding operation or use of rental items, equipment, decorations, or props does not constitute negligence on the part of Party Fish, LLC, and will not hold Party Fish, LLC responsible for injury, damage, personal loss, or death as a result of my own or my guests’ improper operation or negligence.
  • I am responsible for the safety, storage, preparation, cleanliness, and correct operation of all rental items, equipment, decorations, or props rented from Party Fish, LLC.
  • I am responsible for securing all items, especially as it relates to cords, backdrops, hot buffet items, and items that are subject to be a wind hazard when used outside.  Therefore, I will not hold Party Fish, LLC responsible for damage or injury due to improper use or negligence related to rental items, equipment, decorations, or props.
  • I understand that I will be charged the current replacement cost of items lost, misplaced, not returned, or damaged beyond repair.  Also, I will be charged reasonable repair or cleaning fees for items that are returned damaged or dirty. I will be charged for an extra day of rental for items that are returned late (as determined by the Party Fish Terms and Conditions).
  • If I have contracted Party Fish, LLC to set up, install, connect, and/or display rental equipment, I have inspected the work and equipment and will not hold Party Fish, LLC responsible for negligence or misuse related to the rental items, equipment, decorations, or props.
  • I accept full responsibility for any accident, loss, damage, injury, or theft that may occur related to the use, operation, or storage of rental items, equipment, decorations, or props.  This includes financial responsibility for replacement, or in some cases repair, due loss or damage to rental items, equipment, decorations, or props.
  • Party Fish, LLC does not supply any alcohol.
  • Party Fish, LLC reserves the right to refuse rental service to anyone.  By accepting the term and conditions and invoice as outlined on the Party Fish website or in person at the Party Fish showroom, you are agreeing to all the responsibilities, terms and conditions of this rental agreement.