“Party Fish,” That is a funny name. What is it?

Excellent question. Thanks for asking. The simple answer is that Party Fish is a place to rent equipment and decorations for all kinds of gatherings. But those who know me know I rarely stop at “simple.”

I’m Trish, the owner of the Party Fish. I grew up in Dickson then moved away for college. I visited a lot but was away for over thirty years. Family brought me home and once I was here, I was tasked several times with planning some kind of function – anniversaries, picnics, weddings, reunions, haunted houses, etc. etc. Aside from the fact that every time a threw one of these shindigs I accumulated a few more decorations and such, I found it very challenging to find the items I wanted to rent…so that I wouldn’t keep accumulating stuff.

Ardmore is a town that likes to have a good time, right? It is big enough to support a rental business, right? I don’t want to drive and hour or more to find the things I need. That is how this business idea was formed. Now, YOU get to benefit my unwillingness to be inconvenienced; and, also from my accumulation of stuff.

But what to call this new venture? Early in my career, I worked as a corporate event planner. When I needed to rent something, I would call Ducky Bob’s. Everyone in the industry knew Ducky Bob’s. I thought, “That is what I need a silly, funny sounding name that is memorable, or at least rouses curiosity. “Party Fish” is actually a combination of some of the many nicknames I have been given – don’t try to read too much into that! It is just a funny, silly name to stir curiosity and a little fun and frivolity.

I am serious about fun and frivolity. Party Fish is primarily for rentals, but we also offer consulting, imagination, and full-blown event planning if that is what you need. A visit to the showroom is kind of like going to your Aunt’s garage to see what treasures can be found there. I should also tell you that the showroom is located in Historic Downtown Ardmore, east of Washington Street. For most of you locals that have been around since at least the 1990’s you might know the building as Stolfa’s Hardware. It is on the corner of Main and Mill; just west of Daube’s Department Store (that is an old local reference too).

It is still a cool old building. So, come by and pull up a purple stool at the counter, and let’s talk party. We will have a swimming time!